Hang Out With The Wild

Join Us In Beautiful Bergslagen, Sweden!

In the middle of Sweden lies the beautiful Bergslagen region. It is a vast natural environment interspersed with the odd human settlement. The region has retained its wildness despite its closeness to civilization and modern forestry.

Hang out with the Wild gives you the experience of doing just that. Lying down in our specially designed hammocks, the world of “here and now” becomes accessible to all your senses. As an unintrusive guest in nature, you can gaze up at a starry sky unpolluted by city lights, listening to the sounds of the night-time forest. In the autumn, the most majestic of these voices can be heard: the concordant howls of a family of wolves. In the spring it can be the courting song of wood grouses.

The base of most of our activities is the Gamla Gården, “the Old Farmstead”. Built in the early 17th century, it formed part of the first blast furnace plant of the area. The property has retained the same boundaries since then and was for centuries a hub of industrial activity. Today, nature has long since reclaimed the old quarries and mine pits, giving the whole rewilded zone a unique atmosphere as the abandoned signs of human industry mix with the unrelenting growth of the forest.

Through the estate runs a small creek, feeding into the Little Wolf Pond. A rugged, mossy cottage overlooks this tranquil lakelet. Hidden behind a ring of trees nearby you’ll find the Moot Hill where you can sit on the logs which form benches around a large hearth. The place is perfect for grilling as you take part of an outdoor conference, a workshop or a simple meeting with friends.

Hang Out With the Wild began in the summer of 2017. If you are interested in participating in 2018, or if you have questions of any kind, don’t hesitate to contact us.

For The Love Of Forest

We Absolutely Love Our Forests


The reason we do what we do is our love for the forests which surround us. We believe that the forest has an intrinsic value, to humans as well as to animals, when it is left in peace and allowed to live and breathe according to its own, primordial rhythm.
Our conviction is that the forest’s values increase enormously when it is used in a
fashion that does not harm its delicate ecological balance. Careful and responsible stewardship allows us humans to enjoy nature’s restorative beauty without endangering its non-human inhabitants.



We Are Tavelmannen

Tavelmannen started out framing pictures for the locals, but today we’ve grown enough that we’re able to expand into the areas we’re truly passionate about. You can visit our print shop in the old general store in the middle of the small village of Bredsjö, located in the Hällefors municipality. A Swedish website for the non-tourism parts of our company can be found here.


This website is dedicated to Hang Out With the Wild, our new eco-tourism business. We’d love for you to join us in experiencing all that Bergslagen’s nature has to offer. The wild is right here, and we can’t wait to show it to you!


Now both the spring and the llamas have returned to Gamla Gården

Almost all the snow has now melted and various thrushes like redwings, mistle thrushes and the common blackbirds are singing from the trees around us.  Today our four llamas return to Gamla Gården from the winter settlement. They really had a fun time meeting all the newly born lambs. And they all made my day.  …


We’d Love To Hear From You!

For further information, please contact Helena Backius by email:

helena[at]tavelmannen.com (replacing the [at] with the @ symbol, of course).


You’ll find us i the middle of nowhere, in Sweden. One hour from the town Örebro, three hours from Stockholm.